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Working for attorney clients I specialize in all types of criminal defense investigations throughout the state of Maine. The majority of these never go to trial. Many reach favorable plea agreements, have the charges filed and in some cases the charges are completely dropped.

Civil investigations are for either the plaintiff or the defendant and encompass a wide variety, including but not limited to wrongful death, product liability, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, pedophilia, motor vehicle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, airplane crashes, slip and fall accidents, fire/burn accidents, fraud, embezzlement, theft, assaults, etc.

Depending on your preference, witness interviews can be recorded, or a signed statement or an Affidavit can be obtained.

Asking that a licensed private investigator be appointed the Guardian ad litem for your children in a family law case could be a stroke of genius. A licensed private investigator will investigate thoroughly and fairly and provide a detailed report and recommendation to the court based on facts and opinions based on those facts. On the other hand if there are things you don't want to come to the Court's attention an investigator probably would not be the best choice for your case.

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